I absolutely love working with Stephen. I always know when I head into a coaching and/or taping session with him that I will leave feeling confident and excited about my work. He brings inspired ideas to the table every time we work together, which allows me to create a layered performance I am proud of. And, perhaps most important of all, his warmth and encouragement make him easy to connect with, and create a safe space to play with new choices and feel empowered while doing so. He is everything you hope to find in an acting coach, and I highly recommend him.

Working with Stephen has been amazing. I have been performing for over 12 years now and I’m always looking to improve. Stephen has helped me keep up my craft, learn new techniques and remind me of all the things I’d forgotten! His in-depth approach to script work is amazing. I have learnt new ways to approach script for when I get an audition through. Not only that, Stephen is so easy to work with, you really feel you’re in a judgement free zone and he helps you to get the best possible performance.

I have been fortunate enough to work with Stephen on several occasions as my director. He fills you with confidence on set and this for an actor is so important as it enables us to maximise performance. He comes from an acting background so he really understands actor’s needs and cares, you feel that at all times.

Playful, detailed and continuously clear, Stephen creates an environment that enables everyone involved to bring and do their craft with joy and without stress. He knows exactly what the story is, how to get to it’s heart and how to take everyone there.

I have had the pleasure of working with Stephen as an actor on three separate occasions and each time I have enjoyed the process. He gives you the trust to explore the character you are playing and knows, perhaps due to being an actor himself, what to do to help you access a scene and its text. A relaxed yet focused approach works well for me, and Stephen has a natural ability to balance camaraderie and discipline in the rehearsal room. He always seems unflappable and that state of calm positively impacts the cast and allows one to not be overwhelmed with nerves or the pressures of the character that is being portrayed. Stephen is someone I can genuinely call a good guy and I’m honoured to know him and have worked with him.

I had a brilliant time with Stephen. My confidence was low and I’d reached out for acting lessons. Stephen is excellent at making you feel relaxed and able to think and feel. I didn’t feel inhibited making suggestions or self conscious at all. We read through scripts, broke them down and I left feeling positive, creative and back in touch with something I love.

Stephen is one of the most inspired directors I’ve ever met. He has an incredible ability to empower you as an actor and serve the piece in the most effective and brilliant way. He was also a professional actor so he speaks the same language of actors. His lightness of touch and non-judgmental nature helps you to relax and open up. And his huge passion, experience, knowledge and humility are a phenomenal combination, which makes him (in my opinion) one of the best directors out there.

Stephen is approachable, warm and fun. And having been an actor himself, he has a great understanding of actors and the acting process. He’s coached me in preparing and filming self tapes and has been great at shaping scenes, facilitating making good, organic choices and filling me with confidence. He is my go to acting coach and I highly recommend him.

Stephen is an absolute joy to work with. He is the definition of an enabling director, someone who supportively nurtures the actor's instinctive response to a script. This fabulous quality comes, I am sure, from Stephen's own rich experience as a performer in theatre and TV. He's also a tremendously friendly and funny guy!

Self tapes can be a daunting experience, but working with Stephen has helped me greatly. He is patient and made the whole experience fun. This enabled me to be creative and perform to the best of my ability.

Stephen’s early career as an actor gives him a deeper understanding of his craft and an ability to give generous notes that an actor can practically work with. He always approaches projects with an acute eye for detail and brings a focus and enthusiasm that is totally infectious to everyone within the room. From the rehearsal process all the way to opening night or day one of filming, I have found to have complete trust in his creative process and know that his direction and guidance can bring truthfulness to the piece and help me to bring my character to life. He lives and breathes his art and I have no doubt that he will always help any actor to nurture their talent and sharpen their craft!

I've always found public speaking difficult and so before a big presentation I asked Stephen to help me with techniques on how to improve my presentation delivery and calm nerves. Stephen was reassuring and supportive and we worked through a whole routine on how to relax and warm up before public speaking, based on his extensive experience as an actor. This was the most effective presentation skills coaching I’ve had. He also gave really helpful feedback and suggestions on how to deliver a more effective presentation. These worked so well and are tools I can use again and again, I'm actually not dreading my next presentation!